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Release Date: 13 October 2017
Rating: 7

Movie  : Hotel Transylvania 3
Produced by  : Kevin Feige
Music by  : Alan Silvestri
Starring  : Robert Downey Jr. Chris Hemsworth Mark Ruffalo Chris Evans Scarlett Johansson
Cinematography  : Alan Silvestri
Production Company  : Marvel Studios
Age : 13+

Hotel Transylvania 3 is just a money grab off what has been a successful movie franchise. There are numerous music and dancing sequences that seem only to exist to get the movie to the 97 minute mark. Not nearly as funny as the first 2, nor as heartwarming. Extremely cheesy writing.

There are scenes that only exist for 3D viewers, so watching the standard format of the movie, the scene feels strange and like it is dragging. Personally I hate it when scenes are added just for 3D effect, rather than having the shot flow organically with the rest of the film. Basically if watching it in standard format, the scene causes me to fall out of the story and think, “hey this is just for 3D viewers”, I consider it a major fail. Good directing and editing can provide visually stimulating scenes without taking the viewer out of the story.

Rating:   IMDb  / 7

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation

Initial Reaction: Who wants to sign up for this vacation?

Main Characters
Darcula: Yeah, that guy. He’s voiced by Adam Sandler.
Captain Ericka: Captain of the cruise ship Legacy. She’s voiced by Kathryn Hahn.

Plot Summary
Dracula’s getting frazzled under the pressure of running his hotel, so his daughter Mavis gets him and the other monsters out of the hotel for a much needed vacation – on a cruise ship.
When Dracula first gets on board, he meets up with the captain of the ship, Ericka. And in an instant, he gets a Zing (the monster term for love at first sight.)
Problem is, Ericka is just putting on a farce. She really hates monsters and is looking for a way to get rid of them – permanently.

Main Characters
These two separate are really good. I like Dracula as a worn out guy in need of a vacation and I like Ericka when she pretends to be nice when she actually isn’t.
Problem is, these two don’t really have much chemistry together. And that’s not a good thing if we’re to believe that they have any shot at being a couple. SCORE: 5

Supporting Cast
The rest of the monsters from the other films make an appearance here as does Mavis and Johnny. They put in some funny parts, but don’t do much with the plot. SCORE: 6

There are some really funny scenes in the film – namely the stops they take on their cruise. But the main question is never answered as to why Dracula falls in love with Ericka. Is it her personality? Her looks? The fact that she has a similar job as he does? Why? SCORE: 3

This film feels like your average vacation film mashed with a monster film. Nothing wrong with that, but nothing outstanding about it, either. SCORE: 5

Violence Factor
Near the end of the film, there’s a lot of destruction from a really large monster. It’s amazing no monsters got hurt in the wreckage. SCORE: 6

Other Moral Issues
Why Ericka? Why does Dracula fall in love with her? This is really troubling given that he rejects other female monsters because they have monstrously hideous bodies – and Ericka’s got the perfectly fit and slender human body. SCORE: 2

Final Score (out of 60): 27 % Score: 45%
This is one film they hope the audience doesn’t think about the plot because it’s got one large hole in it.

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